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    Mar 21, 2009
    My girls (there are 5) have been laying 6-7 eggs a day in the coop. recently one started sitting on her eggs in the coop and now they are laying somewhere else and I can't find where. I read on here that I should put an egg in there to let them know that it is okay to lay in there. My question is...can I put a store bought egg since I can't find one of thiers? I know an egg is an egg but I wasn't sure if they could tell the difference. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Some people try golf balls, or I have some ceramic eggs I use, so that they don't accidentally break one and then learn how delicious they are (since you're leaving it in there for maybe a good long while). Because it's a real pain if they start eating their eggs! Which can happen.
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    I blow out some eggs - you you're grandma used to do for Easter? Poke a little hole in both ends of the egg and blow out the inside...then I put the empty shells in the nest. I've not had a chicken break one yet.
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    You can get wooden eggs at most craft stores
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    You can use golf balls, plastic easter eggs filled with sand or something like corn meal (something to give them some weight) and glued shut, even round river rocks.
    Anything the approximate size and shape of an egg.

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