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    Sep 3, 2016
    I have just ordered and set my first incubator and i hate it. There is no room to turn the eggs and it is over heating the one in the middle. I am making a cabinet incubator I want to put a thermostat and an auto turner, but am looking for options and do's and don'ts from the experts that have done it there self or just ideas. Thank You

    P.S. I am going to have my husband help my upload pics of the progress
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    Ya know, I'd love to have a (table top) Genesis 1588, but after building my own bator - I really enjoyed it and the sense of accomplishment after it was completed... and now it has little embryos growing in it! I'd like to build another, but a cabinet would be too large for my needs...

    I'm low on "mad money" right now, so I was looking for a way to incubate on the cheep [​IMG]..... I had a hard time finding a decent sized styro and I didn't want to pay $35 for a new cooler I was going to hack up... couldn't find one on CL, so I went to walmart and bought a clear storage box. Mine is loaded with all the options, no other way to go!

    What size is your cabinet going to be? After building mine, I wish I'd gotten the next larger box (at least deeper), to give more space between lights and eggs (I worry about radiant heat).... I can barely put a reservoir under the floor, it's a tight fit...

    That's probably the biggest issue I've encountered in my build.

    ... Umm, I watched youtube videos by "homesteading in SC" repeatedly and cmf (confederate money farm).... they are good at explaining things and videos were easy to follow. SC guy gave instruction on how to make a water heater thermostat more sensitive by drilling extra holes in it for air circulation - I did that to mine.

    Be sure to put a lock on the cabinet so little ones don't get into it! [​IMG]

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