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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by BantyHugger, Jan 1, 2009.

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    May 23, 2008
    A few years ago they came out with all those new dog breeds. (labor-doodles, pug/beagle things, ect.) At first I thought this was all a joke and really dumb, but now I'm kinda into it. I have a border collie/Lab cross and i was wondering why they didn't make this a "new breed". Around where i live all the farm dogs get together so tons of people have border labs. Why hasn't anyone made this a breed yet? How/can I make this a breed?
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    Most breeds were made out of an essential need (back before AKC and all that) then when registries came around there was made standards for these dogs with a specific intention in mind for them. very few dogs were bred just for companionship (like the pug) and normally only royalty bred for such dogs.

    Today, several farmers/ranchers and even agility people mix breed dogs to produce dogs that work great for what they need them for.

    I personally have no problem with the above....but it gets under my skin people who breed mixes *just cuz*sure some are extreemly cute (like i love the yorkie/pomeranian mixes)....but honestly, i'd rather just buy a purebred pom or yorkie. Most breeders who pay for high quaility pure breds, only mix breed dogs by accident. Many breeders who are breeding high quality titled dogs,, bought from puppy mills where the dogs are no where as high of quality (aka show dogs) so theres health problems to well as unknown temperments.

    Breeders breeding mixes for a specific reason (even just companionship) who test their dogs for health problems, and aren't breeding with $$ signs in mind may be a good thing but those people are few and far in between. Most want the end result and could care less about the puppies or the females that are popping out the pups.
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    AKC really frowns on the designer dogs. What amazes me is that people breed for these "designer dogs" and charge hundreds of dollars for them, and they can get the same thing (probably better quality) at the local shelter! Think about how many Lab or beagle or poodle mixes you can find at the shelters...and the same thing is out there being bred on purpose! Maybe if shelters called themselves 'Designer Dog Boutiques' and had buy one get one free sales, people would be more willing to pay adopt a "pure bred, american made, little brown, designer dog" than they are now. There are plenty of 'oops' dogs out there...why add to them?
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    Quote:Keep backyard breeding and cross breeding to make mutts like they all did until enough people want them? [​IMG]

    /tongue in cheek sarcasm
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    Quote:YUP YUP YUP! [​IMG]
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    A lot of shelters are not like that, thankfully. There are also lots of mixes always looking for homes in papers, craigslist, freecycle, etc.
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    Jul 31, 2008
    Quote:[​IMG] you read my mind!!![​IMG]

    i was one of those ones who were turned down cause i have small children (she is 6) and i do not have a fenced yard...(ummm hello i live in the country)..and i just had to bury my dog of 13 yrs...she died of natural causes ....I think I am responsible and know the fees and cost of having
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    Oct 18, 2007
    Quote:A lot of shelters are Worse.

    Quote:The reason it is not a breed is because it is a Mutt, it will not breed true, it will not be recognized as a breed because thier titles say it all Labradoodle/pugoodle/nonsense/puggle they are crosses Lots of people have borderlabs, now go look at a litter of borderlab to borderlab cross, you will have some what look like borders, some that look like labs, and some that look like somthing in between. Most will be great dogs usually better than a lot of PUREbreeds, but they are still just that Mutts(nothing wrong with that I have 2). In order to get a breed recognized it has to have standards Height/weight/size should fit into a certain catagory etc....

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