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    Who needs help
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    What I was leaning towards with that last question of mine, my girls have had similar worn spots, my AM roo is on the heavy side too. You can always tell who his favorites are. Gonna do his spurs tomorrow in the am if I remember.
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    The Easter basket looks beautiful!

    I would definitely eliminate lice and mites before it gets out of hand. Doesn't hurt to dust them with de just in case. Mine have had red mites. During the day, you'd never see them. Check at night with a flashlight. I also had a French maran must've had lice when I bought him. Didn't notice it until it was almost too late. None of the others ever got it. Was very strange. Check her over good. IMO, it could be rooster damage, but I would think at least a couple others would show the same pattern.

    You got ALOT done yesterday! Superwoman:D. If you get bored, head on over my way:). I worked, fed chickens & rabbits, then was so tired, I ordered out. Pizza. Going to tackle laundry & dishes before work today. Have a good day!
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    That scratch definitely looks like it might have been inflicted by a cock spur.

    DE won't do much on birds if they are infested...but certainly can help in cracks and crevices of coop of you have the mites that feed at night.
    Poultry dust with permethrin has worked well for me on my birds when they had lice..... hold em upside down by their feet, dust their butts and stir it into feathers..

    Wait until well after dark and go out and inspect birds around vent and head neck and under wings with a flashlight,
    lice are pretty easy to see as are their egg casings at base of feather shafts......
    .....wipe a white paper towel underneath roost and see if it comes up with red streaks from squished, well fed mites.
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    Thank you for all the advice. I plan on doing another once over on the birds. My austrolorps have roo damage but it doesn't look as big but they submit pretty fast and are smaller than the giant. Doing a bedding change. I think I will put de in the crevices of the coop today. I have seeds to plant today. A light fixture to hang and mundane cleaning.

    Outpost. When I worked, I was lucky to keep up on dishes lol. I miss working. Have a great day everyone.

    Aart. Can you still eat the eggs when you dust the birds with the medicine?
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    Lice, mites or a rooster?

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    I did a good deed today. Now I am just wasting impatiently for to go through!!! I am so excited.... but BYC isnt working fast enough. LOL
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    You can still eat the eggs. Look for "Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth". Here's a pic of the eggs I washed up before work this morning. This is 3 days worth....

    I wish the pic wasn't so dark. But hopefully you can see the green eggs from the EEs and the olive eggs from the OE. I love rainbow eggs![​IMG]
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    Those of beautiful. I do see the green eggs. I plan on getting EE this year. You get about a dozen a day or so. Holy smokes.. Im back up to six a day. LOL

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