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  1. Outpost JWB

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    Mar 31, 2014

    :lau. That's a good one! Things are picking up in the egg production world here. We got 17 today. You all have a great day! :D
  2. attimus

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    the good ones weigh enough to tell the difference. I'm not a big fan of home depot, most of their employees don't know D about the materials they sell. Try asking for hardware clothe, they get so confused.
  3. kwhites634

    kwhites634 Slow hands & an easy touch

    [​IMG]I posted exactly the same thing a while ago, about Lowes
  4. attimus

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    good stuff. Lol, this is also not the first time I've mentioned it, but man they just really get to me. I prefer my local stores. Small mom and pops stuffed with old weathered employees who can tell you what you need just by seeing what's in your hand.
  5. FridayYet

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    Unfortunately, those kind of stores are disappearing one by one - and in some areas they are super hard to find. Was really sad when the one in my hometown went out, they just couldn't compete with the big box stores.
  6. attimus

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    lucky enough to live in a town full of old weathered people :)
  7. kwhites634

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    And know just where it is, even if it's been collecting dust on the top shelf for the last 50 years!
  8. Chaos18

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    Mar 24, 2015
    Slowly Losing it......
    This is why I usually just go wander around the store looking for what I need instead of asking somebody for help. Cause I'll at least know what section it should be in.
  9. kwhites634

    kwhites634 Slow hands & an easy touch

    Boy! They sure don't wake up early over here, do they?
  10. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Big Box stores, or almost any store, is going to have idiots and experts(just like the general population) just have to find the right person.

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