Male duck trying to mate with hens


Mar 6, 2015
Batson, Texas
I raised baby ducks and chickens together. The chickens were sexed as all female but the ducks were straight runs. My son actually bought the baby ducks and we added them to the new flock. Over a period of time we were reduced to two ducks, a male and a female and four hens. They were all raised together and when they were mature I let them free range with my other existing flock of one rooster and 7 hens, which I've had for about 8 years. My problem is the male duck is trying to mate with the hens he grew up with. He does not bother the older hens, only the ones he probably thinks are ducks, too. I've isolated the ducks from the chickens because after some research I've discovered the male duck can harm or kill the hens during mating. My question is this: after a period of time of being isolated will the male duck leave the hens alone? I have 5 new ducklings that are about 3 months old that I've just recently let free range. Will my male duck eventually go off with the other ducks and leave the chickens alone? The new ducks are loving the pond and I hate keeping my older ducks locked up in the coop. Any adivse will be so appreciated ...
I believe you are saying your male duck is trying to mate with your chicken hens. This indeed can have disastrous results, especially if he is much larger than them. Having more duck hens may help this problem, but it sounds as if he already considers some of the chickens as part of his harem, and even having enough duck hens for him may not change this. I would try letting them range together again when the ducklings are old enough to mate, and see what happens, but unfortunately, I’d probably keep them separated until then.
Thank you so much. I have a large farm and they all free range. Will that make a difference?
Mine free ranged too. It really depends on the individual duck. My Muscovy pair lived in harmony with the chickens.... but my mallard-derived ducks tended to be chicken rapists. Other people have different experiences with this.

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