Male ? Female? Breed? I'm at a loss..


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Jun 14, 2017
I have 4 beautiful chickens, 2 of which I'm positive are female the other 2 I'm not so sure. I'm hoping maybe someone on here can help me. They are about 10 weeks old, very friendly and come when I call them. Here are some picture. I have no idea of the breed since we got them from my son's classroom at the end of the school year. So any suggestions on breed are welcome too! I was thinking one was a road island red but I'm no expert , the smaller one of the bunch has feather on her legs and the two darker red ones seem to have this bushel of feathers coming out like puffy cheeks... Lol it's the 2 darker red ones I'm not sure of their sex. Anyways. Gah!! Help!! Lol thank you in advance. If needed I can get better pictures. It's hot today and they didn't want out of their den..


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It looks like two hens and two roosters. They all seem to be Easter Eggers or some kind of mix. I think the big orange boy might have some production red/Rir in him.

I cant see one of the chicks very well, it is the one in the second to back in the second pic. That one could also be a boy, but as of now I think pullet. What do their tails look like, if it's more pointy its probably a cockerel.
First picture is one that I think maybe is a rooster. But I'm having a hard time figuring that one out. Tail feathers don't seem to go up like a roos... If needed let me know and I'll post another photo of that one. What is with the poofy face feathers? Both of the darker ones have it.

Second picture is the one I'm almost positive is a rooster! His legs are thicker then the others and well, look! Lol
The 3rd picture I'm sure it's a hen but I have no idea what the breed is. She has feather growing on her legs and seems to be a bit more jumpy then the others.
I have a 4th hen I'm not as curious about her. But if wanted I can post a pic. She's very pretty we named her thorn.


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