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Quote:the boys are friendlier and more curious of everything. You can usually start to see the differences early even if you dont trust your judgement yet. You make your guesses and see if you were right as time goes on. In some breeds its just so hard to know for a long time. I think Wyondottes and silkies are the toughest.


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In some breeds, females start to get tail feathers earlier than the males. My sexlinks(red & black &RIR's) all got tail feathers before the roos.

PS. My red sexlinks were suppose to be RIR's but all hubby knew was that the were 8 little bitty chicks and I sent him for 6. He couldn't leave the other 2 there all by themselves. lol
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Most of us who are not beginners have a hard time telling, unless of course they are sex links
You will just have to wait like the rest of us, short of doing a DNA test (
) The roos will eventually get bigger combs, and longer tail feathers (normally). You could post pics in the "What Breed Or Gender is This?' forum, and let the 'experts' help!

<edit to add> The sex links thing was not directed at you personally Coyote! We just happened to post at the same time, and yours was put up first!
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There is an old wives tail that says to turn the chick over in your hand. If it keeps kicking it is a Roo. If it stretches out its legs flat then it is a Hen. We use this method with about a 90% accuracy.
Hens will generally get their tail feathers first.
Hens heads are rounder and Roos heads are more elongated.
Sex Linked chicks you can tell by coloring.
Most of the hatchery pros do vent sexing. (No clue how that is done)

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