MALEDICTION has arrived in Europe

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    Aug 20, 2011
    The MALEDICTION has arrived in Europe ... at least in two places!
    Import[​IMG]from US inconsistent breeders. It is an evil gene that is out of control in the US..... and nobody says anything!


    It is the story of a breeder who orders[​IMG] in Florida a couple of Bronze Spalding ... a year later the peahen is totally white !
    .... trickery on merchandise ???

    In the future when you'll buy a peacock of such a color or pattern you will never be sure that in 6 months or a year later your bird will be the same!

    Some say it's a new pattern .... i say it's the Frankenstein pattern .
    In a short[​IMG] time there will be split Frankenstein everywhere !It's a disaster !

    What does we know of this degeneration?


    [​IMG] .... pied progressive = leucistic progressive

    I put that on my front door[​IMG]!

    [​IMG]..... [​IMG]

    I hope it will be enough!
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    Where is the story at?

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