Males or females ?


Aug 8, 2016
I have 5 chicks and they are 3 months old now ! So I guess ... not really chicks anymore !

Can anyone tell me as I'm still guessing (or maybe just hoping) that I don't have so many roosters haha.

Are they boys or girls ?!

I'm going to say these two are roosters. They both weigh 1.5kg / 3.3 pounds and they are already as tall as my adult hens. Plus they have big combs and wattles.

This is Henster, because I have always been guessing between hen and rooster. Henster has a body which looks like a pullet but combs and wattles like the roosters ... Henster only weighs 960 grams / 2 pounds.
Henster - 1.jpg

I'm pretty sure this one's a girl. Weighs the same as Henster.
Splash Female.jpg

Here is the last one. The one in the background, I'm guessing female even though the wattles look a little large. Weighs 1.1kg / 2.4 pounds.
Black Female.jpg

For photos of what they looked like when they were younger please see this link:

Thanks !
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I think you are right about the first two!
The one in the background on the last picture looks like a pullet, and the white and gray one in the 3rd picture looks like a hen.
Henster looks like a cockerel in the first pic of him/her and then looks like a pullet in the second pic of her.
Really ! Okay, well, can you see the saddle feathers from these photos (they are all Australorps if that's any help):
Balck Rooster - 1.jpg

A bit windy :)
Black Rooster - 2.jpg

Black Rooster - 3.jpg

White Rooster - 1.jpg

Birds-eye view
White Rooster - 2.jpg

White Rooster - 3.jpg
Hmmm, thanks everyone !
I hope you're all right about the white one, I really like him / her !
I'll just have to wait for the crowing and fancy feathers to know for sure I guess :)

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