Mallard duck eggs wiggling


Jul 13, 2016
Norfolk Virginia
New Member: Hi everyone, this is a great site. I found a mallard duck nesting by my front porch June 22 and I am not sure how kind she had been sitting on her eggs. Short story, July 4th raccoons scared her away and took one of her 6 eggs so I quickly put together a temperart incubator and purchased the only one I could find in town (LG still air incubator). I had a hard time with heat and humidity in this incubator but after reading from many others about their hatching experiences I have come to a point where I can adjust as much as possible. I had the humidity too high the first week and since took the water out and kept at 45-50%. My question is...I don't know what day we are on but the eggs have developed well after 1 early death on my second day having them. I have 4 eggs that all candled well this morning and I know hatch was coming soon. No internal pips seen, no chirps. How can I keep the temperature down now and raise the humidity? The eggs just keep getting over 100 degrees. Thanks in advance! Any advice please

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