Mallard ROL?


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Jun 1, 2008
Southern CA
I haven't been able to find this info on websites or books, can anyone tell me roughly how many eggs (week/month/year?) your mallards typically lay? All I have seen is that they can lay "a great number of eggs", but I live in a very warm area so I don't know if that will lower their potential.
Let me start by saying that I'm brand new to duck ownership... my mallard is just a few months old, so I have no "hands on" experience. I do have a book though, "Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks", by Dave Holderread, that has a table on egg production for the various types of ducks.

For mallards, yearly egg production is listed as 25 - 100. LOL, I guess in my case only time will tell.

Good luck... aren't you looking for a buddy duck for your lonesome one?
My mallards lay about 12 eggs and then set on them if I take the eggs away they continue to lay.Not sure exactly how many they lay a wk,month etc.But, I do know that they continue to lay until they have enough to set on.Their eggs are also very yummy! Alittle different tasting than chicken eggs (stronger) but delicious!
My 2 female mallards recently hatched 9 babies between them(once they had some hatched they left the eggs to tend their young) and 4 of them are white with grey instead of the regular mallard colors.How strange I thought,I've never seen mallards this color.
Hope this helps at least alittle I'm sure someone else on here who has more experience with ducks will be of more help.I've only had mine a couple yrs this fall.
Hey ChanceRider, yes, I have been posting up boards trying to find a buddy for my lonely girl. I was planning on getting this female mallard for her to be friends with, but she is already gone. Right now I'm actually trying to get a Cayuga from a family friend's daughter who can't take care of her birds anymore, so we will see how that works out.
RavenStorm, I think it's awesome that you're looking for a buddy for your duck! I was shopping in town (Placerville) several weeks ago and outside of a Safeway store was a guy with a dog kennel, 2 one week (?) old ducklings, and a sign that read "free ducks". It bothered me that someone might take them home and then decide that they were too much work, too messy, too _____ (fill in the blank!) and get rid of them. So... I wound up taking them home. I don't regret it for a minute! They're so much fun... I love taking them for their daily swim in a shallow horse trough.

Soooo, I really hope you're successful in finding a friend for your little one!

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