Mama Heating Pad in the Brooder (Picture Heavy) - UPDATE

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Blooie, Mar 4, 2015.

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    7 seems like such a strange number! Never seen that before! Usually it's 4, 6, 8, that type of thing, even numbers, or it's a lower odd number like 3. Very interesting indeed. Thankfully here in my town there is a right to farm by law and we're a right to farm community so I can have what I want. :) I think they actually added it several years ago when someone had a horse on a tiny little lot in an area of ton called "mosquito village", it's on a steep hill and pretty cramped, sort of the poorer section as a lot of the town but not us is sort of rich and often obnoxious ha, anyway, it was like an acre or less even, way less I'm pretty sure, and people were concerned about the noise and smell but they said it was part of the town and to suck it up lol I believe they were even trying to pass a law that require you to fence in your entire property if you had horses, not just the pasture, thankfully that didn't pass an we don't have horses. I think they got rid of the horse anyway though or maybe they made them but passed law after. Either way, I personally think a highly populated residential area like that is NOT the place for a horse but I am glad the snobby people did not win out lol we have 8 chicks here on one of the bigger lots at almost 3 acres, a lot of woods though ha. Eventually I want more but dad says no more than 8 ever so we will see haha
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    I have 3 Aussies that will be two in February. They are some of my calmest. One has laid almost daily this winter even during molt. The rest of my hens have been slackers.
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    Hatching rare Barbezieux (tallest chickens in [email protected] tall, black feathers that reflect purple & blue hues) & LA Bresse (blue legs) using my new r-Com incubator.
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    Blooie - WHAT R THESE? Never heard of Carolina Blue sex-linked EEs before. Wanna know more! LOVE EEs and I'm thinking Carolina Blue means "blue" coloring?? How are they sex linked?

    Where did you order them from?
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    They are a MPC designer breed- I want some!
    Go to my pet chicken, they have a lot of info on them.
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    They are various shades of blue, and usually lay green eggs. They are sex-linked at hatch because the dudes have a white dot on their heads and the dudettes are all blue! I'm really excited but very apprehensive at the same time. So far I have attempted to hatch 24 eggs - two batches under the same broody at different times - and ended up with one chick so my track record leaves a bit to be desired. I got them from MPC.

    It's so nice to have so many new faces here on the MHP thread!
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    I'm hoping that maybe they will calm down. They're actually pretty calm but just the pecking thing. Maybe it is age.
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    Are you usin a 'bator this go-round?
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    Welcome Carrie. That should do. You are wise to encase the frame and pad in a pillow case or something similar to prevent any chicks from getting stuck. If you find that it's not high enough, you can always prop it up on some 2 x 4 scraps. If you do that, be sure to secure it. Chicks are notorious for seeking new and novel ways of committing suicide!!!

    6th grade, huh? You are a mighty brave woman!!!
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