Mama heating pad???

We did the Mama Heat Pad last March for our new chicks after reading the LONG thread here. Totally convinced this is better than a heat lamp. However, we went thru a couple of revisions and if you are going to build your own, I suggest that you make a simple wooden frame, put your wire/heating pad under it. The important part is to use something like all thread bolts on the 4 corners with nuts so that you can adjust the height of the pad. Our one mistake in learning was having any "pinch points" where a small chick can get trapped.

The actual heating pad is inside a pillow case and bungee corded to the under side of the wood frame/wire. 2 sides of the structure are open and the other sides are just the heating pad/pillow case. Just raise or lower the frame to suit the size of the chicks. You "might" want to cover the top with a a cloth/towel to make sure the chicks can't get caught in the wire mesh. As they get bigger some may want to sleep on top. Good luck, BB


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