mama hen left her last 3 eggs

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    So this happened with our first mama who had been sitting on 9 eggs, 3 weeks ago. She hatched 5, and she left the rest of the eggs and we lost them.
    I don't want that to happen with our newest mama who just hatched 2 out of 5 eggs. She was on her eggs this morning in the nest box this morning, and when I came home, she had moved herself and her chicks to the floor of the coop, without the eggs obviously. One of the eggs was pipped, and the others didn't show anything yet. I put them back under her, but I am wondering if it's too late? Were they cold too long???? I hate to lose these chicks!!!

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    Do you save eggs for hatching, then put them under her all at once? They need to be saved separately from her. I just leave them on the kitchen counter til I collect enough or til they're a week old. A good mama hen will sit on chicks and eggs for about 24 hours before she abndons the eggs to raise the chicks.

    I have one broody I never give eggs to because she kills her chicks. I think sometimes their instincts are a bit messed up.

    I've read of people finishing the hatch in the house on something like a heating pad and moistened towel. Worth a try, in a pinch.
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