Mama muscovy nipping at ducklings


Jun 14, 2019
Hi everyone I need some advice please. My first time Muscovy Mamas eggs just hatched yesterday. She has taken them down to the pond and I've been watching her and she was up on the bank and was just leaving the babies by themselves in the water until I kinda walked with her back into water with them. When she got back down with them she just kept nipping at them especially when they got close to her. Is this normal and what should I do if it's not? Thank you so much
Did she continue when they got under her, and were they nips or like she was trying to take a bite out of them?
They were little nips no bites. It was like when another ducks babies come near another female and they nip at them to get away from her. I've never had this happen before so I was very worried being she's a first timer. I did go down to the pond before I left for work and they were underneath her so tomorrow I'll check to see how she's doing

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