Man did I feel dumb


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
My nest boxes are about 18" off the floor, and some of the more shy girls like to hang out under there, but as soon as i put in new bedding or treats they come out. Well one of my Cuckoo Maran pullets was under there and wouldn't come out, I put fresh shavings out, and then new straw for them to scratch in, still wouldn't come out. Then i got the treats, still wouldn't come out
. I was getting worried that maybe she was sick, so I got down reached under there got her out and held her in my lap petting her. Man was she giving me a dirty look, then she stood up and dropped an egg in my lap, then jumped off my lap giving me "the look" as she went out the door
. I didn't even know she was laying. I've been getting some real dark eggs, but this girls comb isn't big and red, and just thought it was the Wellies laying the dark eggs.
I was so glad she wasn't sick, but sure felt like a fool.

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