Managing a fowl pox outbreak in a small flock

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    This morning we lost a hen that we are caring for for friends to what we believe to be diptheritic fowl pox - affecting her respiratory system. To be confirmed by autopsy.

    A couple of other hens in the flock are showing signs of cutaneous pox - but not showing any respiratory signs at this stage thankfully.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in managing an outbreak of fowl pox?

    We are looking into vaccinating the well birds, but is there anything else we should be doing?

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    I would look inside the beak and throat of any bird that has significant pox scabs or is acting "off," for any yellow patches. Make sure they are all eating well, or start helping them to eat/drink. If any have scabs near eyes, I would use an antibiotic ointment. Here are some links to read that may help you:

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