Managing multiple breeding varieties?

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Jan 11, 2013
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I am starting my first flock and have Blue/Black Copper Marans, French Wheaten Marans, Blue/Black Ameraucana, Blue Wheaten Ameraucana, Black Java, Euskal Oiloa Marraduna, laced Brahma, blue/Black Jersey Giants, and some frizzled Polish chicks. I would like the option of breeding the individual varieties. So, how do I keep 9 roosters and 45 hens? Can they coop together until breeding time or will they need to be separated all of the time? Can I have a bachelor area and a hen area until breeding time then separate? Will multiple roosters get along as long as the hens are not around to fight over? I have plenty of space to work with, but I want to have a mixed flock as much as possible. Any suggestions?
wow! I have had many roosters together and not fight as long as no hens are around I have had multiple roosters in with the hens same breed. Keep an eye on hens to make sure they are not being over breed. You say you have lots of space. I would set up breeding pens and keep the different breeds separate as much as possible.
I'd like to know others opinion on this subject as well. I have many different varietys and 99% of the time I just want the eggs for eating and selling. However I would like to know if I could say seperate the rooster and hens of one breed so they are by themselves and take the eggs for 2 weeks (this is just an uneducated guess of time) and use them as eating and selling eggs, but then after that could I collect the eggs for hatching and have purebred chicks?
I think this is what GreenAcresChick is asking as well.

GAC- I have multiple roosters together with my hens and have no problem. There was a small amount of fighting (no injuries) at first just to establish the pecking order and then all is well. There are small spats still but over in seconds. With 9 roosters to 45 hens I would just watch to make sure the hens aren't being harassed to much. I myself am getting ready to thin down my roosters.

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