Mandarin duckling confusion


8 Years
May 6, 2013
Fallon Nevada
Can anyone out there help?
My mandarins, both normal, just hatched their thit'd clutch. Unlike previous babies, half of these are yellow!
This pair are the only mandies I have. They did have a pair of mallard call ducks as roomies, which have been moved out because the mandie eggs were due to hatch.
Question is, why are they yellow, instead of the usual brown/yellow?


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I answered your PM :) That yellow one is a white female. I will post my response to the PM here too in case anyone else is reading and wants the answer.

"Sounds like they might be white. White is sex-linked in mandarins, so females can't carry it and MUST express it if they inherit a copy. Males, however, can carry it. So it sounds like your male is a carrier. All the white babies would then, of course, be females.

As to why you never had any whites hatch before, that's just luck of the draw, lol. Somehow in the first two clutches he never ended up passing it on to any of his daughters.

So what you could expect to hatch from them going forward, if the percentages come out perfectly (which as you have seen they don't always, lol) would be 25% regular male ducklings, 25% male ducklings carrying white, 25% regular female ducklings, and 25% white female ducklings."

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