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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 4-H chicken mom, Sep 26, 2012.

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    I was asked a question and I wasn't sure of the answer so I thought I would ask the good folks here. Would two male mandarins be rough on one female? Since my mandarins all have mates, I wasn't sure but from what I've seen I would think that the female wouldn't be the one to worry about, it would be the extra male. Am I correct in my thinking or am I totally way off? :idunno
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    You never want more males than females in ducks. It leads to over breeding, and too many fights with possible injuries.
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    Everyone I know with Mandarins keeps them in pairs. Either the males can't get along or else the ducks are forming pair bonds and an unmated male would be disruptive.

    Since I don't raise Mandarins, that is not your definitive answer, but usually fanciers do things for a reason. If they keep pairs, then there must be a reason why it is done that way.
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    We have 3 normal pairs and 1 white pair of mandarins. They share an aviary, and get along for the most part (minor get off my tree issues)
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    It can work easily in a mixed duck or preferably more of the same manderin duck setting and also if your pen is big enough. BUT If you have just the 2 males and one girl in one pen then heck yes it will definitely be a major problem and the dominant male may beat the other up or even kill him. More birds means the aggression gets spread out. One year I had 12 boys and 7 girls in like a 15 x 30 ft pen with no problems . They get their pecking order figured out pretty quickly. Also did you know its the girls pick the boys for pairing
    on the manderins? As do alot of the wild type ducks.
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