mange? abscess?


Nov 14, 2009
I have a young rooster 18 weeks old that has a dry scabby raised area under his wattles on one side on his neck. I'm posting a picture - not a very good one, I'm afraid, as I was doing it with one hand and holding him with the other. I noticed that his comb was a little less red. I wondered if the abscessed area might be mange. I understand that could be due to parasites.

I've checked him over thoroughly for mites and lice and am seeing no sign of anything crawling over him, nothing unusual near his vent, so no sign of mites or lice. Nothing crawling on me after I checked him over. I have been using DE on the whole flock regularly lately and have been checking them regularly.

This rooster had a deworming treatment recently as I had a few birds die and had a diagnosis of hairworms and roundworms on two (the same age and hatch as this young rooster) that died. So I treated the whole flock twice with fenbendazole, 10 days between treatments.

He seems OK aside from this abscess. I had an older hen that had an abscess below her vent two months ago, which scabbed over and healed, but she did die, as she was terribly sleepy all the time and nothing I did for her helped in the end. I'm wondering if this is the same type of thing, and what might be causing it. Any ideas?


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