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  1. Ugh!! Three days before my eggs are due to get here and my automatic turner stopped working. So I have decided that I am DONE with the automatic turner and I am going to turn them by hand.

    Problem is that I have never turned my eggs manually. I am not quite sure how to do so. Do I gently roll them over or what?

    Advice is needed asap!! My eggs are due any day after Wednesday!!

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    Youre suppose to be in lockdown [​IMG]
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    Just put an X on one side, and an O on the other. Roll them from side to side before work, after work, and before bed for the first 18 days. That's all I do.
  4. Quote:Haha I should have worded that better. Three days until they get here in the mail. [​IMG] I have nothing in the bator but I decided to run it a for a few days to test my new fan.
  5. Quote:Thank you!
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    I have also read that you should turn them in the same direction back and forth and not all the way over each time, I read rolling them the same direction each time can twist the embro in the egg, I dont know if its true or not. I'm also not sure that anyone will know what Im talking about.

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