Manure tea question......


8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
Buffalo NY
....we'll have 15 or so chicks soon, and I wondered if I used unbleached paper towels in the brooder, if I could throw it all into the garbage pail to make manure tea...I know that pine shavings can't be thrown in, but if it is just the unbleached paper and poo if that would throw off the chemical levels...or if it should just be put into a normal composter which would obviously take longer to be usable.
I need instant poo gratification, and don't want to wait til they're in a coop.
Just be careful of your plants. New poo is sometimes too hot (too much nitrogen). I don't use my poo for several years due to learning the hard way and burning my plants. I don't know about chick poo, though. Another thing is, I don't ever use poo from the chicks on food source plants as I try to stay as organic as possible on my outside plants and the chick feed is usually medicated. Just my opinion, though!

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