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    Ok, getting closer to being ready to order in 2 or 3 more ducklings.

    First ones are almost a year old and are 2 runner girls.

    I want a black runner boy,
    I also kind of want a pekin.
    but, if i get a pekin, I don't want an extra loud mouth girl, so it would need to be a boy. Which means no black runner boy [​IMG] Which I could sort of be ok with, but (lots of buts lol)
    my concern is a pekin boy is just too big for 2 existing runner girls and what would be 1-2 new runner girls.

    If i get a pekin boy, I'd get a blue and black runner girl most likely (or maybe just 1 of the girls)

    So questions...
    1 - is a pekin male too big a duck to have with 2 existing and 1-2 new runner girls? (I don't want injured or accidentally drown girls due to size difference)
    2 - no plans to hatch eggs, so what about a crested male? (I'd be ordering from Metzer's) - what are their personalities. I see nervous listed. I want a pekin for their happy go lucky hang out and be friendly duck like attitude. I'm guessing with nervous listed, the crested wouldn't be the typical pekin personality
    3 - what about a female crested (again, ordering from Metzer's) - would she be a loud mouth like a pekin girl? Ideally, I'd get to bring home a black runner boy, which means only 1 boy so other ducks would be female, so female crested work work if not loud
    4 - how do you introduce existing 2 girls to new ducklings?

    New ducks will be brooded outside on the covered patio like the girls were last year.
    I can make the dog/duck yard duckling proof so they ducklings can have time in the duck yard so Ally and Cadbury can see/hear them, but not get to them, but that would mean Ally and Cadbury get booted out of there during the day (no probelm really, just food and water dish in there... I can dog proof their food and move that to the yard while duckings occupy the duck yard - and just let Ally and Cadbury in at night to go into their house once ducklings are put away on the patio.

    I want a smooth introduction and ideally a black boy runner duckling and large happy go lucky white girl duck (and blue runner girl), but if large happy go lucky white girl duck will be a loud mouth (louder than runners), not so interested in a happy go lucky white girl duck.
  2. My Pekins are no noisier than my Runners but I will say my Pekins are cleaner than my Runners and dont dig such big craters and dont make the mud puddles the Runners make. The only time you hear mine all loud is when they have no food in their dish or if they set off the alarm call then they dont shut up and everyone joins in. I know you have your heart set on your black Runner boy and a Pekin and a BLUE Runner girl. I say get them, you wont be dissapointed.

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