Map or list of areas with diseases?

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    Does anyone know of a source that lists where diseases are known to be common in the USA? (A visual, like a cell phone coverage area map would be best, but a simple list updated in the last decade would suffice.)
    I see all the descriptions and treatment/prevention info on diseases and all of them say "take these extra precautions if you are in an area where the disease is known", but I can't find jack on what diseases are known where.

    The feed store is no help, the guy claims Marek's was wiped out 30 years ago(so he gets unvaccinated chicks), despite half my flock being wiped out by Marek's this year.(lab confirmed)

    Meanwhile I have a bird showing wild head shaking symptoms that I can only match with Newcastle(or some weird late onset marek's thing, she's 25 weeks old.) and I don't know if it's ever been reported around here.
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    I recommend that you contact your state agriculture department for the information that you're requesting, maybe they can direct you to a federal agency. Contacting your local extension office would be best for identifying diseases locally. You're right about feed store personnel; they dont know much about anything to do with chickens except for a sale.
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    I found information about my state by googling chicken diseases known in California or something to that effect.i did the search last year when I was doing a vaccination regiment.i wanted to know what was prevalent in my state and what area it was prevalent in so id know what to vaccinate against. I found the information online and it even told the diseases by county and what year and month they were reported. So if you search I'm certain you will find the information your looking for.

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