Maran - pullets or cockerels


5 Years
May 26, 2014
I got these Maran Peeps in June with a 6/11/2014 hatch date - I was looking for egg laying chickens of any breed to start off with - these little guys grew quick but I did not pay much attention to their development until now when I was looking when Maran chickens start to lay eggs. Now I think I have 2 cockerels
- ooops - I have attached a pic - if they are males and get loud I might have to get rid of them -

I am thinking with those beautiful long neck feathers they are some mighty males.......
Yes, they both look like males. My Marans chicks are about the same age and the pullets still have small combs and waddles that are starting to get pink.
They will NOT be providing me with beautiful large brown eggs then -
well as long as not too noisy I can keep them - neighbors will not like the crowing early in am -
Sorry, mine have not started crowing yet. I had 9 and only 2 were pullets. Terrible odds. :( I will not be able to keep all my Roos. Crowing is ok where I live but I can not keep all the Roos.
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they are not making noise yet - but one is trying too - poor kids have raised them since 4 days old - hope they stay quiet - 2 crowing at all hours will not work out -
I live on 1 and a half acres and my neighbors are seperated by a privacy fence. I have the closest room to them, yet the only morning in ever heard the roosters crow when I woke up, was on Christmas. I can barely hear them from the front of my house. We have like... 6 or 8 roosters currently able to crow, 3 or 4 still growing. I dont hear anything. Hope you have the same luck with your two gorgeous roosters.
so they are no more - tasty though - they were skinned to save those beautiful feathers - but now have to figure out how to make something out of the skins - the capes & saddles are wonderful....
I skinned them - saving all savable areas and nailed and rubbed in borax - 2 last wing pieces were saved and layered in box with borax -those will be at least a month - skins have been stretched with borax for a week and today have to hit any wet spots with borax - but I am looking for how to clean the borax off the feathers.... and how to make stuff out of the skinned portion - any ideas or web pages you could point me to would be great!!! I am looking for more fashion - craft ideas then tying flies - although flies have not been ruled out -i just don't know anything about tying flies.

thanks - all

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