Maran Roo Attacked my 3yr old


8 Years
Feb 6, 2011
Western Iowa
So we have all ways had Roosters around mostly cochin, brahma and orpingtons. We now have several Maran roosters that im am waiting to pick the 2 im going to keep and butcher the rest. Today My flockmaster Attacked my 3yr old leaving several open wounds and 3 beak grab marks like he was trying to mate with her on her back, out of anger i killed him on the spot since as i carried her away he pursuing us both. I just cant believe Sigh (his name) would do this im in total shock! I loved this guy!
I have only ever experienced people aggressive roos in the RIR (which is why i no longer have them) They would perch on the branchs above our coop and anytime we would go collect eggs they would jump on us when we approached the coop. The thing is that i have like 6 other maran roos that wonder around my house that do not appear to be aggressive. The breeder lives in my area and none of his roosters showed this aggression towards my daughter. This roo was the best flockmaster i have ever had but what he did was serious. I would hate to give up all my roos because of this one experience. but I will not risk my daughters being hurt I have a 3yr old and a 7month old.

he was a pretty tame roo and im wondering if thats the problem cause the other roos would never have come that close. We are currently building them a large fenced in outdoor area. but until then they are free range. Does anyone have any advice on roos? This roo has shown aggression towards outsiders that come to my home. but never towards my family.

He is the big white roo:


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Boy, no advice for you. But I am so sorry for your little girl. I hope she heals quickly and isn't tramatized by this. And...I totally think you did the right thing by killing him on the spot. You can't take the risk.
Gorgeous rooster. So sorry this happened to you. I had the same thing happen to my three year old many years ago and my ex-husband killed him on the spot. I have heard that tame roosters are more dangerous as they lack respect for humans. I hope you can work this out for the safety of all concerned...
Thank you, I feel so bad Cause We loved Sigh. He was such a beautiful rooster and he was amazing 2 protecting the flock he has kept the neighbors farm cats and he wasnt scared of anything. I cant help but feel responsible for Sighs death. He should have been in a run and this may or may not had happen the bad part is that my daughter saw me get viciously attacked by my exs huge American bulldog for 20minutes and was traumatized by that and now this was the last thing she needed to experience. He just wouldnt stop I ran across the yard he just kept attacking her and shed stand up and start running then hed jump on her again. shes got 8 open wounds 2 on the back of her head, 3 on her legs and 3 lark cuts on her back.

She took a whole loaf of bred over to feed them like she does all the time and she was just standing there watching them eat. she didnt even have anymore bread. It felt like it took me a lifetime to get to her.
I know your pain. My 3 year old has been attacked by our adolescent Silver Lace Wyandotte and he is now in lock down waiting for processing day on Saturday. I don't want to do him in, he is a great flock protector, treats the ladies with respect, and he his absolutely gorgeous! We thought about keeping him in lock down till spring in hopes he would mellow out, but once he drew blood, his fate was sealed. I hope he tastes as good as he looks!!!
So sorry about your kid. I have a mean white roo too (Roofus). He looks a lot like yours except his speckles are brown and tan. I'm debating on getting rid of him, but I know no one wants a mean roo except for chicken soup. Maybe I'll just keep him in the run when I take the others out to pick at the grass. It's tough though because he is also a good protector of the flock. At least you no longer have to make a decision...the deed is done!
Those wounds sound bad. Did you take her to the hospital or doctor? I sure wouldn't want her to develop some type of infection from that rooster's dirty nails...... I wouldn't feel one bit bad killing a rooster that attacked my child. Just yesterday, I took my granddaughter for a walk outside to see the chickens, but I held her because, they were WAAAAY too interested in her. Flopsy, one of my favorite hens, will peck your legs for attention, and she would have pecked my granddaugher, Lucy too. IT HURTS!
i know how you feel i had to put down my barred rock roo cuz he attacked my 7 year old who was sitting on the deck eatting a fudgepop. out of no where he just took a flying leap toward her face. i still miss him he was an amazing rooster. watched his flock made sure the girls ate before him. told them where yummys where kept them from harm countless times but once they start hurting my girls they go bye bye!! i dont think ill ever get over killing my pretty boy.. but it had to be done

im sorry he was a handsome boy but you REALLY dont want a rooster that becomes human agressive they become more than a liability then worth to keep even if they are you best or fav.

it will get better and soon youll find one that reminds you of him.. lucky for me i have two of my guys offspring.
After i killed him she was still in pain and was there to watch which probably wasnt the best plan but Now im kind of glad she saw me do it cause now she keeps saying "That monster chicken is gone he cant hurt me, Thank you mommy for killing that bad guy Im not scared anymore" haha.

Chicmom- I am a nurse so the wounds although sever i think are very clean and 3 of them have bandages on and the other ones Im letting have acess to air hopefully they will heal faster. The ones on her head hurt really bad No surprise. I am just still so shocked that he did that...I always romanticized him Thinking he counted us as one of his own.Since the other time he got aggressive was when my brother came to visit and as soon as he walked over by Addie Sigh went crazy standing between My daughter and her uncle. But now i am no longer living under that illusion.

is there a chance that the death of one of his main flock Hens died yesterday? He had a special attachment to my 3 bantam partridge Cochins and one of then was killed yesterday by the neighbors cats. He never left there side as you can see in the first 2 pics and the last pic was cropped so you couldnt see her.

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