Marans experts, I need help.

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    A few months ago, I bought what were supposedly 3 cuckoo marans hens off craigslist. As it turns out, one was a roo, one was deformed and had to be put down. The third one is healthy, but is a giant. It lacks the tail feathers the other roo had, but its got a big comb and wattle, and is twice the size of some of my smaller breeds. I have yet to get any marans eggs. Are marans always so big? Is this a marans at all? I'm beginning to think I've been bamboozled. The bird in question is the light gray one in the dirt, only now its bigger with larger comb at wattle. Thanks! I'll try to get a better pic tonight.


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    You may want to post this in the What Breed/Gender section and I bet you'd get more responses there. [​IMG]

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