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11 Years
Apr 11, 2008
Corvallis, OR
I'm trying to plan my flocks. I have 2 groups of birds and am going to need to do some rearranging. I'm adding a black copper marans but need to know their temperament. I'm thinking of putting it in with my group that has my blind chicken, Helen, in there. She can't see the other chickens so tends to get picked on. Right now she's living with a younger Welsummer and 2 wyandotte chicks, and they get along well. I could always put the marans in with my bigger flock of rocks, wyandottes, and EE's.

What do you think? Are adult marans easy going in the flock they are raised in, or are they higher strung or dominant birds?

Mine are most definitely the sensible leader types. They usually take care of everyone else, enforce discipline with the younger ones, break up any disputes and generally keep everyone else in line.

I have never seen them be agressive and they are never flighty or nervous.

I think they are great girls and they lay the most fantastic large dark brown eggs.
I had some hatchery cuckoo and they were pretty flighty and the rooster not human aggressive, but worked the hens over pretty good. My black copper and Wheaten are Cottage Hill and young but seem very nice. My young Wheaten stepped right in when I lost the big fella. He played a good secondary role and now seems comfortable running things. Maybe a little too passive but he is very young.
I have a marans-based hybrid (which we call a bluebelle over here in the UK) and she's proved herself to be quite forceful in defending her place in the pecking order when I tried to introcude new birds. She's not agressive, just forceful.

She totaly hates being handled too, although is far more intelligent and fearless than my BO. I have a lot more respect for her if I'm honest!
I had a rooster a few years back, cuckoo marans named Earl. He was great up until he got to be about 1 year old. One day he just snapped, he was not only vicious to the hens but came after me on several different occasions. He'd even sneak up on me just when i thought i found a nice "earl free" place in the yard to hang out in. He went on to live somewhere else. I don't know if he was just a born nutcase or what. I have no experience with the hens temperment. It depends on the individual rooster i think.
I have hatchery marans and they have very nice temperments. They are laid back and I've never seen the hens show any aggression. My roo was a bit aggressive his first year but seems to be calmed this year(his second yr).

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