Nov 26, 2015
New York
This spring I got 15 cucukoo marans. First chickens I wanted a good duel breed. My hens have just started laying which is great. My plan was when hens are laying unwanted roosters would be eatten. At 7 months most of my roosters alive are weighting 7 to 8 lbs. I do have them separated from the hens now I am wondering if there is anything over the next two weeks I can do to help them gain good weight and not just fat. I'd just like to make a good choice for myself and my flock.
High protein diet 18-20%, like flock raiser will keep them lean and healthy not fat and keep them active eating greens. When are you planning to butcher them?
My goal is December 8th. With that said could someone point towards where I would find breed standerd for Marans I know I want to keep one rooster. But I keep finding conflicting answers since they are a newer breed.

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