Marek’s. Should I be concerned?

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Jun 25, 2021
Southeastern PA
Hi all, I’ve posted a few times about a hen I took in about a month ago. She came to me from a neighbor after being picked on and was intended to keep my lone hen company. She is vaccinated for Marek’s however, mine was not. About 10 days into them being together, my hen’s comb started going pale and she would occasionally spend time under the coop. I thought she was just hot as she ate, drank, and laid eggs regularly. On her final day, she spent the afternoon under the coop, barely moving. She came out for water and laid next to the waterer. I helped her into the coop that night only to find her dead the next morning. I now realize I should have brought her inside and monitored her but I have a Jack Russell and that makes things complicated with chickens. Anyways, the other hen is fine and continues to be fine. Any chance she could have given Marek’s to mine and what are the chances it could spread to new birds? I’m supposed to get a few from a friend who is moving and all of hers are vaccinated for it. Would that make them safe or not necessarily? They are just over 1 year now. Thanks!
I'm not sure why you think your hen passed from Marek's. There are many different things that can kill a hen. Did you have her necropsied? That is the only way to be sure.
If you are getting vaccinated birds and putting them with a vaccinated bird, you should be fine.

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