Mareks again a year later??

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    Jul 22, 2014
    I have slowly lost most of my chickens this past year to what I believe is Mereks...I am wondering if it is possible to lose a couple hens every few months to the disease? This has been going on for the past year and they all have the same symptoms.They seem fine and then one day I notice a change in them that gets worse until they stop eating (lameness/lethargy, panting, green poop) and within a few weeks they are dead. I thought when we made it through winter it was over but I have 2 more that are dying now :(
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    I am sorry for you.
    Marek's stays around for a long time and there is no cure since it's a chicken Herpes virus.
    Routes of infection are usually respiratory/spread by their dander.
    I would suggest that you get a confirmed Marek's diagnosis from your state lab when you loose the next bird.

    Check this list for a lab near you:

    Good luck.
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    I second the suggestion to get a lab diagnosis. It sounds more like a bacterial infection to me, not viral like herpes. If it is, it may be treatable, but you have to know for sure what you are dealing with first.

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