Mareks or something else?

Aug 25, 2017
Hi, i have a month old chick who is suddenly unable to stand...his legs almost look spraddled/splayed overnight - very healthy up until now...never had any problems. He is eating, drinking and his poo is fine, not watery or discoloured etc..hes sleeping alot/closing his eyes and his legs seem to go sidewards and he can only move around if he walks on his knees. If i hold him up like in the photo, his legs dangle like that which i think isnt right but not sure if i'm just worried etc.

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It could be Marek's.
What are you feeding? You can try B vitamins to see if that makes a difference. I would give him 1/4 tablet B-Complex daily for a couple of weeks.

If possible, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a fecal float to rule out worms and Coccidiosis.

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