Marek's Strikes

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    Mar 1, 2012
    I believe that I lost one of my chickens Saturday to Marek's disease. I am a new chicken owner & had 6, 5 now after Saturday 14 week old NH hens since a few days old. I noticed Friday night when going to lock the girls in for the night I only saw 5, I looked around & found her nestled laying & wouldn't get up, after taking a closer look her right leg was sticking straight out & looked as if she couldn't move it. I immediately thought she must have broken it, but saw no signs of any fowl play. The next morning I brought her into the porch, she still had the leg out & would not move, I brought her into the porch and babied her all day, giving her fresh strawberries & spinach (my girls fav) & she only drank small amounts of water that I had antiobotics in from the feed store. She continued to get worse & could see she became very lethargic & looked to be in alot of pain. She died soon after. Now am want to make sure to keep my other girls as safe as possible, what can I do? I know that their are vaccinations & cannot be positive that Tractor Supply was telling the truth abt them having them as babies? Can they be given to them again? And at this age? Please let me know what I can do to keep this from happening again? Am I even correct on the Marek's? It was such a short time frame, when I let her out of the coop Friday late afternoon she was fine!
    Thanks in advance,
    Scared Mom!
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    I'm sorry your going thru this:( Just wanted to say, I asked the TSC here in CT if any of the chicks they sell are vac'd for anything and they told me no. It could be different in other places, but that was the answer I got here

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