Marek's vaccine??


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6 Years
Apr 1, 2013
Ordering new babies and I'm not sure if the vaccine is necessary. Any opinions?


6 Years
May 2, 2013
vaccine question also; Purchased 4 chicks 3 weeks ago tomorrow, I am assuming they were a few days old or 1 week (we forgot to ask how old they were, but they had feather tips on wings) Now they have a full feathered wing pretty much just a little of soft down left close to the arm pit.

So I called the feed store we purchased them to ask if the chicks had been vaccinated. Answer is NO.

I would like to know what vaccines they need so that I can vaccinate them myself. (never too late right?)

My chick info: 4 Red Star chicks still in the brooder, used 250 lamp swapped to 75/120watt bulb today.

they eat Purina Grow Medicated

I made a mistake and let them play outside 3 times this week, so now I wonder about the whole COCCI issue,

Right now they are making normal droppings.

I would like to Innoculate for Mareks, Newcastle and Bronchitis and Coccidiosis. I know I will have to change the feed to non-medicated. Is it too late? The chicks will be housed in coop (rubber made storage conversion with chicken run attached). I have 2 mini schnauzers so I am thinking of not free ranging them. Please opinions would be helpful ---TIA


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