Marigold and Cora


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Apr 21, 2010
I have been chickenless for quite a few years now. I went to visit my cousin this past week and saw the state he was keeping his birds in. He had two chicks in a guinea pig cage with a tarp halfway over it and a soaking wet towel in there. It has been raining for days straight! One of the chicks had frozen to death. Broke my heart and he said I could take the remaining chick home. That is how I got Marigold. I was then on a search to find her a companion. Posted in a few local chicken Facebook groups and someone not far from me said she had a lone chick too. She was raised by a duck and recently abandoned so she took her in the house to raise.

They are even the same size. It was meant to be! And that is the story of Marigold and Cora. In the day they've been together, they have really bonded. It's so fun to watch them. I'm guessing Marigold is a Rhode Island Red and Cora is a Black Copper Maran X Barred (breed??? she didn't say what dad was but pointed him out. I'm guessing a Rock?). She's got feathered legs and it's sooo cute! I really hope they are both girls. Opinions?



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Feb 3, 2007
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Glad you took the other one. I have a Cora, too, a Partridge Brahma pullet who is 12 weeks old now. DSC04093.JPG

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