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    May 12, 2014
    Cornwall in the UK
    I went to my local poultry market today
    2 miles from home!

    Lots ans lots of chickens and ducks a few rabbits and guinea pigs
    A handful of chicks
    But sadly not many buyers, a lot of the lots were unsold because they had a reserve
    Most POL hens sell for about £10
    Chicks £2/3 each

    I took three boxes of chicks
    4 blue copper Marans
    4 chocolate pekin/Cochins
    4 lavender pekin / Cochins
    They only made £2 a box

    One 4 month old cuckoo maran roo sold for £2
    And a maran hen and roo for £4

    It was my first auction selling, I didn't like it, my birds were In a very busy noisy unclean environment, and it was hard letting then go and not giving the buyer a talk on what they like and don't like!

    I came home with five partrage Wyandotte chicks £1!
    Two golden Marans £10 each POL and we got an egg today!
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    That's sound like such fun! Wish they had some over here like that! She's a pretty girl!! Thanks for sharing.

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