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    Ok, so I just found out we've got a broody, and we're ready to label eggs. What can I use? I fear pencil lead will rub off, but pen or sharpie will sink into the shell and kill the embryo. Any help is appreciated. [​IMG]
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    Try a non-chemical marker, let me get some better info on this matter - one second!

    ETA: Some information found on another forum.

    We have always used permanent felt tipped markers to mark our chicken eggs for hatching and I've been using the same markers on my cockatiel eggs as well. Lead pencils damage the softer shell of a cockatiel egg, and anything that is non-permanent will smear or rub off. We have always had good hatch rates and have never known of permanent markers to pose a problem.

    Marking Eggs? - Contains some experiences of fellow BYCers and marking eggs.

    Egg Markers:

    Good Luck!​
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    I use a sharpie and haven't had issues.
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    Jun 1, 2010
    I use colored pen and mine are fine.
  5. britsngrits

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    Mar 18, 2011
    I use the wax pencils and I think they work great! You can get them in sewing stores or I also have used the was ones that I use for the backs of my photos when I'm scrappin.
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    Like a kids felt tip - Works all the time [​IMG]
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    THanks for the reminder. I have a broody and I just marked 5 eggs. She had one stuff way up under her wing!
  8. Hi! I have, since '05, been marking eggs for hatching with Sharpie Permanent Markers.
    I had someone specify that their eggs not be marked with Sharpie, so I marked eggs for a few days with pencil. I thought 'Why not?, I'm flexible.' and hung a pencil on a string in the door of every coop. I hate not being able to see at-a-glance, what eggs are what and went back to Sharpie (a few coops still have pencils hanging on string, so I'll use that pencil IF I don't have a Sharpie in my pocket...).
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    I have used pencils, ink pens, sharpies, crayons etc. Never had an issue with any of them.
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    sharpies work great for me...and don't wear off like some other markers I have used

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