Marsh Roll-X egg turner grids. Adapt for multiple egg sizes?


8 Years
Mar 14, 2013
I have a Marsh Roll-X with the standard 89 egg turner grid in it.

Been accumulating eggs for a couple days from my flock, and loading up the grid, with the turner plugged in. Basement floor level is a steady 65 degrees and 75 percent humidity, so works pretty well for storage of live eggs, and the turner saves me having to muck about with the eggs and remember to swap them around to keep the yolks from settling while I gather.

Problem. Some of my hens lay smaller eggs. Other than a complete conversion to a roller style turner, has anyone used, say, silicone tubing on the wires to slightly close up the spacing so a smaller egg will turn as well as a larger one does?

Been pondering doing just that, as I can source some decent fuel line from the local saw shop, that should fit over the wires OK.

I had built a roller rig, which worked, but was pretty ugly. I only built it to cover half the floor of the incubator though, for hatching small qty of chuckar and bobwhite eggs, and I wish to do a full load of chicken eggs this time.


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