Mash is messy!


9 Years
Aug 24, 2010
I have a wonderful, inexpensive source for layer mash. Unfortunately when I feed it the girls make a huge mess by flinging it all over the place. Seems like more goes on the ground around the feeder than into the chicken. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the ladies from making such a mess with mash. I switched back over to pellets because I couldn't take it anymore and I was worried the feed on the ground would attract rats. I use both an open feeder and one of those hanging types.
My local feed mill sells the mash also. I think originally it was meant to be mixed with water to make it wet for feeding. I would not like doing that cause it will sour real fast.. Especially in hot weather...

My chickens would pitch it out of feeders and waste alot of it also. I tried mixing it with cracked corn and even pellets to make it go farther but personally think it is a waste of time!

I can buy a 50 lb. bag for 9.25 versus a 50 lb. Nutrena layer for 9.49 at Big R. And yes the Nutrena Co. stopped making the 40 lb. bags and went back to the 50.

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