mask for poo powder?

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    Oct 25, 2008
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    I've looked for this but can't find anything about it and I just don't have the time or patience to keep looking! I've got lots of dried poo in the coop and am scraping and sweeping it. should I be wearing a mask? or is it better to lay wet rags around and wait an hour or so till it's softened? Am I making more work for myself? [​IMG]
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    A mask is a good idea, especially if you have health issue thast could be impacted by the dust.

    I use a small hand held garden hoe to scrape the dried poop, soaking it would work too.

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    If you can get your hands on an N95 that will help alot! Keeps out particles to the size of .03 microns I believe-As long as you don't have breathing issues you can wear one of these no problem-I got a bunch from work ( we have to wear them to work in certain environments there) These were outdated ( not that they expire) but these are one size fits all type and we have sized now and have top go through testing for the right fit...Send me your addy through pm and Ill send you a few [​IMG]
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    Any emergency supply warehouse or medical supply store will have disposable masks. Home Depot carries some as well, though they are a little pricier. When in doubt it's best to wear a mask.
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    I agree with the mask if you are really stirring it up. I use an ice scraper that you would use on a car windshield, it has a brush at the other end. It gets the stuff up without a lot of effort.

    I also am trying the Deep Litter Method, which really breaks the stuff down without it sticking too much. I don't seem to have too much dust.

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