Master Gardener Chicken Tour


May 5, 2015
I am on the tour committee for Clark County, Washington Master Gardeners and am in charge of a "chicken tour" to be held towards the end of June. We usually get about 20 or 30 people on our tours in half a dozen vans. I am looking for 3 or 4 hosts who would be willing to discuss raising chickens, ducks, geese, whatever including breeds, coops, care and feeding and so on. If you would like to do this or know of someone who would and is within 50 miles of Vancouver, WA please get in touch with me at Philip b scott at yahoo dot com.

You will get much more attention if you post this on the Washington state thread. The new members thread doesn't generate a large audience. Hope you get many people that will allow their coops to be part of the tour. Good luck.
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