Mauled Chicken Help!


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Jun 17, 2009
One of my sex links was attacked by a dog. The feathers under her right wing are all yanked out, and some flesh came with the feathers. Like chunks of skin, down to the meat in some places. She's made it to the next day, but isn't eating or drinking. Her head is sagging, and some stuff drips out of her mouth. She just stands there, mouth open. What can I do?
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She needs some electrolytes and protein
- Do you have her seperated from the rest of the flock ?
clean her cut out with a iodine solution diluted with water or I would imaging plain old soap and water would work also - you can putt some antibiotic ointment on just make sure no pain killers in it -
When my girl was attacked by a hawk I had to dip her beak in the water to get her to drink - you may want to try that .
Good Luck with your girl .

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