Mauve Orpington not willingly drinking or eating - Maybe swollen crop

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    We have had a mauve orpington who is just over a year old. Something not related to the issue I'm about to present but I think it should be mentioned. She has a neurological disorder where she either can't see, or can see but doesn't know what to do with the signal. We pretty much have treated her she if she were blind and hand fed her from a baby chick to a full blown chicken. I mentioned that because she stays in a large dog cage and I have her food and water strategically in fixed spots where she 'knows where they are'. Now the issue is that about a month ago she stopped laying. She started losing massive amounts of feathers but all seemed ok because they were being followed by new'er ones. After that she seemed to have an upset stomach. The poop became white and liquidy and seemed to have visible small pieces of shredded carrots. I started noticing that she was losing her appetite and losing some weight. She would eat just the shredded carrots that I would give her before going to work only to come back and see she has not touched the feed at all, very unusual. This past week it seems she has lost some significant weight and lost interest in drinking and eating. I took her to the vet on Thursday 10/06, the Dr. said that her crop seemed a bit swollen. She took a blood sample to check if she has lead poisoning. We were prescribed Metoclopramide 8mL twice each day. By this time our chicken had been very lethargic, sleeping standing up and seemed fatigued. Strange turn of events we had to take her in again for another blood sample as the first one could not be processed for some reason. On the second visit the Dr. put a swab down her throat and looked at it under the microscope. She said the crop usually has bacteria but hers seems just a tad bit elevated. This is when the Dr. also gave us anti-biotic Tribriseen a small amount per day. Our chicken did show some interest in eating a boiled egg this morning. She responds to her favorite sound, the shredding of the carrots, and tried to peck at it, but for some reason just sits back down again and closes her eyes trying to sleep. We have been massaging her crop regularly. Please see attached pictures, she has preferred this sleeping positing recently, face shoved in her wing with neck turned. Tonight we are going to try to give her some cooked oatmeal. Based on the symptoms I just wanted an opinion what exactly is going on with her. If she keeps rejecting food like this I'm not sure how long she might last. Would like to know if there are any success stories out there.



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    Does she have access to grit?

    The small pieces of shredded carrot coming through her poop suggest that her digestive system is not working. If you feed her anything other than pellets or crumbles, she needs grit to grind it down in her gizzard, which is a strong muscular pouch deep in her abdomen, as she doesn't have teeth to chew like we do.

    Another thing that comes to mind is Marek's disease. It is caused by a herpes type virus that infects juvenile birds and often causes neurological symptoms, but also loss of weight/wasting in advanced cases. There is a quite common strain, Occular Marek's, which causes problems with the eyes. Like the cold sore herpes virus, birds can seem quite healthy between outbreaks but succumb to it when under stress, like reaching point of lay or moulting. Unfortunately the Marek's virus usually triggers cancerous tumours at some point and if the bird survives the first attack, subsequent ones are usually more aggressive and often fatal. I really hope it is not Marek's, but it may be something to discuss with your vet if you revisit.

    I find it hard to imagine how she could have lead poisoning when she is confined to a cage like that.

    I would try to keep her hydrated by making her feeds wet. Warm cooked oatmeal is good and try a little scrambled egg or tuna mixed in. Bread soaked in warm water or milk. Make a mash with her normal feed by soaking in warm water until the pellets are broken down and sloppy. Try a vitamin supplement. If there is food in her crop that is not going down, gently massage it.... she should find it quite pleasant. Much as she likes it, I would not give her any more carrot right now as her system is obviously not able to process it.

    Good luck with her. Fingers crossed she is able to make a good recovery.
  4. The most common mistake people make with Chickens is not providing them with the proper nutrition...Being she is a layer, she needs layer pellets, oyster shell and granite Grit at all times. Treats only at 5% of daily ration, that is about a tablespoon daily...Chicken disease to organs takes time to show symptoms and then in a lot of cases the damage is done..Chickens can not properly digest dairy products...Causes the poops and I do not understand why it is so readily recommended as a cure to a sick bird....For a sick Chicken the best is proper nutrition and fresh cold water....

    Hope this was helpful?

    Best of luck..

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