Maxine's back was bloody


11 Years
Oct 25, 2008
Collinsville, CT
poor Maxine! She was molting a couple of weeks ago and I noticed the others picking on her so I separated her in the coop but I neglected to close the door tightly on her space the other day and when I went out to check on her, she was huddled in a corner and her back was picked bloody even after applying BluKote (personally I don't think that stuff works for crap. I had another girl that I had put it on and the others still just about took her tail off!). I brought her in and washed it and applied Neosporin (without pain relief) and haven't done anything else to it. It looks like it is scabbing over and she doesn't seem to be in pain and she is eating like a champ. I was thinking of washing her back with something like Phis-O-Hex (if they still make it). Or should I leave it alone? Maxine is about 3 years old and a Columbian Wynadotte. Of course now after a few days of extremely mild weather, the temps have dipped down to about 2 degrees today so I can't put her back in the coop after being in the house for a few days. Does anyone have any words of wisdom of what I can do for her?
Just keep her separated until her feathers start to come in.

Or, you can invest in a hen saddle there are quite a few places that make them, and even folks that sell them in the buy/sell/auction section of BYC. Or you can look up how, and make your own. Or buy a dog sweater to fit her, make the arm holes a bit larger to slip her wings out of, this will help to protect her back and offer her warmth, and you could put her back out with the rest of the flock with an apron/saddle on or a sweater to shield her.
just be warned with a saddle or a sweater it will take her awhile to get used to it, it is not unusual for chickens to just flop out like they're dead for a bit when they first have something like this on them, or to freak out a bit...but they will settle down as they get used to it.

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