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I'm new to chickens, I have a rooster and originally 2 hens, they all get along and Roger loves his ladies. I've had them a while now and have seen them mate everyday. We decided to add 3 more hens, after a bit of pecking everyone got along, however I'm a little stumped on some new mating behavior. After mating 2 of our new girls, buff Cochins, will just lay on their sides in what appears to be a trance for several minutes. Is this normal? They snap out of it if we walk over and gently nudge them or another hen comes over but I've never heard of this and haven't had luck looking it up. Hope someone can help me with this weird question. Thanks in advance-Shawna


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I haven't heard of this behavior, nor witnessed it. However, I do have a Cochin hen, and she is pretty lazy. For example, when I back her up to the wash basin to give her crusty rear a wash job, she will just lie down like a fat pancake. Her brother was the same way. I couldn't get him to stand up and and make it easier for me to scrub his behind. I would have to prop him up. Same with my hen.

From what I've heard, Cochins are noted for being lazy. My guess is your girls found themselves on the ground, and it felt good enough to lie there, so they were probably in no big rush to get up and go back to work.

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