May have a broken toe...

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    Aug 15, 2010
    My chicken that was attacked by an unknown prededor three days ago may have a broken toe. I found where her feathers were pulled out but now I just noticed that one of her toes bends inwards.... None of my other chickens toes does it broken? Can I do anything for her now after three days? She is 14 weeks old. It doesn't seem to bother as she isn't limping or holding it up. Any advice would be appreciated. [​IMG] Thanks guys...

    I will post a pic tomorrow in the daylight...
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    She might be more comfortable if you put the foot on a piece of lightweight cardboard and tape it down with duct tape. If she's not limping it might be best not to try to straighten it. A piece of duct tape above and below may also be sufficient.

    Or you can leave her alone and watch her, if she is showing no sign of discomfort.

    It's possible she is not limping in order to mask the injury, as chickens will attack one they see is sick or injured, so she may still be uncomfortable.
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