Maybe a new layer?!

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Apr 18, 2020
Yesterday I got a rather small egg and a little bit of a different shape. Yesterday I suspected one of my other bantams started laying. She was really loud and she never makes a peep usually. And over the last week her comb has gotten bigger and more red. Oh and she also started squatting a couple days ago! But, I’ve never actually seen her in the nesting box laying the eggs yet. Today I went to go collect eggs and I found this egg.

The middle egg is the egg in question. The other eggs are from my Bantam frizzle Cochin. She’s the only other one laying right now. I’ll know later today for sure if I get another egg. But thought it would be fun to ask!!! Do u think they are all from the cochin or could I have another layer!!!


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Is that the only egg you got today?
Oh got my answer! My cochin bantam just laid too!!! Yeah!!! But I think my cochin is wanting to go broody again!!! She just finally stopped about 3 weeks ago and started laying again! ☹️

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