Maybe not Bumble Foot??


7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
hey there,
I noticed one of my leghorn mix looking rather icky lately, pale comb with a bump in the front that's greyish and wart like and just acting a lot less frisky... So I took her out to take a look at her comb and I don't know what's up with that...then I checked out her feet while I had her out....I noticed a circle spot on her foot but it was the same color as the rest of her foot. you could just see the outline. it was smaller than a dime and not swollen. My girlfriend went and rubbed it a bit and it flapped forward on the side she rubbed and there was a white puss, not yellow, that got stuck on her finger. She didn't squeeze it or anything. I checked her other foot and the same thing. Then I checked my other leghorn and she had the same spots on both feet. We only touched the one but not the others

None are swollen and none appear to have black scabs...however, I haven't cleaned her up yet to wash up the dirt.

This was on Saturday afternoon.
I went and got a few things needed for bumble foot "surgery" and refreshed what I had read a long time ago....I'm a research freak and read and read and read until my head explodes. I've looked at 100's of pictures etc....

In all the videos and pictures I havent noticed the same kind of behavior with the "scab".

The plan is to soak and move forward today but I don't want to open up their feet or even remove the scab if I don't have to.....
I'm just not ready for that until I'm 100% sure that is what's needed..

As for their living area, the roost in the coop is pretty high up, about 3.5 - 4ft up, which I plan to lower. They jump from there to either the run or the wood 2x4 at the bottom between the coop and run (it's all one piece with the run only about 2 ft high.) The run had smaller landscape rocks in it and dirt under that and the leghorns are always scratching the rocks around.

I removed the rocks yesterday and cleaned everything, now they have dirt in the run and sand in the coop.

Anyway, I think that's how they hurt their feet. My 2 other hens, EE's, are fine and roost in the same place and walk on the same rocks but they don't scratch around as much as the leghorns do.

I don't know what route to take, I do plan on cleaning one of them up, the sicker of the two, to see what's up...but what if the scab isn't dark? Many have said that it shouldn't be white opaque puss, it should be yellow and cheesy....

Need advice, I'm posting my question here since I've researched since Saturday and have not found my answer....

Thanks in advance!!!
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After a good soak.. it's bumblefoot. Fun fun! Disregard my questions. Thank you.

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